Sewing, Crafting & Quilting
Hello, my name is Betsy Bucsanyi. 
I love to sew.  This page is going to help me build my sewing business.  I will do my best to keep it updated with the projects I make for other people. 
Quilts and crafts I have made over the last 4 years.  There are more on the Pictures page.
Betsy's Quilts & Crafts

This was the first one I cut out, and it was a work in progress, not straight.  It was made for my husband.
Made this for my oldest son, Chris, he still has it.  I cross-stitched his name, and then incorporated it into this quilt.
Made this quilt for my husband's nephew a few years ago.  5 different soccer theme fabrics.  he played soccer at the time.
This is a masterpiece.  I hand stitched all the hexagons while recovering from surgery in 2010.  It kept my hands busy.  I used the machine to finish. My youngest son, Dylan now owns this quilt.
This quilt and 2 others are the ones I made for my 3 oldest grand kids.  I designed the poems and then cross-stitched them.  And put them into quilts.  They love their quilts.
Here is a smaller stain glass quilt.  This one was a time consumer, but turned out beautiful.
My youngest son picked out the colors for this one, it was his Christmas present.
Teddy Bears for the grand babies.
Christmas stockings I have made several years ago.